1. The Members of the Association belongs to one of the two following
    categories: Full Members; and Associate Members.
  2. Each Country has one Chapter that recruits members and recommend
    them to the Board for admission.
  3. Each Member appoints own named Representative from amongst the
    members of its Board and formally informs the National Chapter of that appointment.
  4. Members ensure that at all times they are legally constituted with objects falling within those of TAEM Africa
  5. Membership is not be transferable.

Criteria for Membership
The criteria for Membership shall include the following:
a) Active commitment to justice, equity and the eradication of poverty and
b) Consistency with the Association’s values, vision and mission;
c) Legal registration and a satisfactory record of operation;

d) Actions consistent with the Association’s governance standards;
e) A public engagement, constituency or support base;
f) Financial and management integrity and capacity;
g) Independence from a management perspective, from any one private
individual, company or institution other than the Association and its