The Purpose of Our Existence

TAEM Africa’s’ programming responds to conflicts, natural disasters and
economic and social marginalization mainly in the sub-sahara Africa. This
organization came into being after doing a series of case studies on how the
elderly persons and their dependents live their day-to- day livelihoods. We target
those faced with extreme poverty and social injustices including older persons,
the displaced and young people, to provide assistance and opportunities for
peaceful co-existance, better livelihoods and sustainable development on the
Studies reveal that, as second generation parents, most elderly persons find it
very difficult to provide for themselves and their dependents the basic necessities
in life like food, education, shelter, clothing, water, and medical care, especially
those impacted by conflicts, displacement, old age, and poverty.
TAEM-Africa gives a supporting hand to promote an environment enabling older
persons to live meaningful dignified later lives, as they contribute to peace and
national development.
To achieve this goal, we employ a three-pronged strategic approach that includes:

  1. Initiatives to eradicate extreme poverty & hunger, while respecting
    diversity, through shared values, vision, mission, standards and systems.
  2. Partnerships with national governments and private sectors, to build local
    capacities in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness in public service
  3. Participatory studies and evaluations to generate evidence and influence
    the role of the older-people in peace building and conflict transformation,
    Justice and Development in Africa;