About Us

Who We Are:
TAEM-Africa is a Continental Non–Governmental Organization, founded in June 2013 and, duly recognized in Uganda in July 2017. The organization envision equal opportunities and access to equitable and quality livelihood options for old-age population in Africa. The Membership is comprised of entities united by a central international structure and by shared values, vision and mission.

Our Vision:
TAEM-Africa stands for equal opportunities and access to equitable and
quality livelihood options for old-age population in Africa:

TAEM-Africa works with others, to influence authorities and stakeholders
through advocacy and campaigns to put in place policies and practices
that are conducive to ensure equitable and quality livelihood options for the
poor and vulnerable old-age population in Africa

The objectives of the Association:-

a) To mobilize old age people and strengthen their role in the promotion of peace, conflict mitigation & transformation, and development in Africa;

b) To Strengthen the profile, voice and influence of older people in bringing
about changes in attitudes, policies and practices in favour of poor and
excluded people, especially young people, the displaced, women and the

c) To mobilize funds and support for the Association’s work from International development agencies, private sector actors, the general public, and governments.

d) To promote interventions, policies and practices that impact on health,
livelihoods and nutrition; and increase literacy attainment for
disadvantaged populations in Africa.

The Association and its Members shall operate and abide by the following
core values:

  1. MUTUAL RESPECT, requiring them to recognise the innate worth of
    all people and the value of diversity;
  2. EQUITY AND JUSTICE, requiring them to work to ensure equal
    opportunity for everyone, irrespective of race, religion, age, gender,
    colour, class, ethnicity, disability, or location;
  3. HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY, being accountable at all levels
    for the effectiveness of their actions and open in their judgments and
    communications with others;
    the only bias in their commitment to the fight against poverty;
  5. INDEPENDENCE from any political party affiliation;

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