The International Day for Older Persons Commemoration

collaboration with the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, TAEM-Africa has
organized a one-day commemorative event under the Sub-theme:
“Exploring Inclusiveness and Equity in Old-Age”. The event, co-organized

by Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and TAEM-Africa, is part of the global
commemoration of the 2019 International Day for Old Age Persons
(IDOP). It will focus on celebrating the achievements and contributions that
older persons make to our society and the economy- but also recognizing
the need to bridge the inequality that exists.
This year’s Global theme is “The Journey to Age Equality”. This theme
reaffirms the commitment to promoting full and equal enjoyment of rights
by all to reduce inequalities (United Nations SDG 10) by 2030. This year’s
Annual Commemorative event is scheduled for Thursday, October 3rd
2019 in Kampala, Uganda.